View detailed information for undergraduate and graduate tuition and fees for in-state and out-of-state students. Listed below is an additional fee that is charged to students who register specifically for ODE courses (does not include tuition or additional student fees):


  • ODE fee (per course): $299/course

The table below displays the average cost per course1 (not including tuition), for an ODE course vs. a regular in-class course taken on campus Tuesday/Thursday (TR) or Monday/Wednesday/Friday (MWF).

Average Cost Per Course1
Item ODE
Regular (TR) Regular (MWF)
ODE Fee $299 $ – $ –
Gas2 $ – $163.00 $245.00
Tolls3 $ – $45.00 $67.50
Mileage4 $ – $242.00 $362.60
Lost Wages5 $ – $750.00 $900
Total $299 $1,200.00 $1,575.00
1Not including Tuition. Each course is 15 weeks long.
2Base on average driving of 15 miles to and from FIU.
3Based on a $0.75 toll each way.
4Based on $0.27 per mile (standard State of FL rate).
5Based on a $10 per hour wage and a 1 hour travel time per class.

Note: Costs are subject to change. Certain courses may require on-campus visits and/or proctored exams.

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