Exam Proctoring

Schedule an Exam

Refer to the College of Engineering and Computing ODE Policies regarding examinations. Students who have an on-campus course or exam at the same time as a scheduled ODE exam must notify the ODE office and instructor at least one week prior to their exam date. Students must provide the ODE Office a copy of their class schedule to arrange an alternative exam time.

If you need to schedule an exam off-site, complete the ODE Proctoring Center Agreement Form at least one week prior to each exam and email this form to Director, Mercy Rueda Schott, at ruedam@fiu.edu for approval and exam logistics. Note that using an alternative proctoring center requires prior approval from your instructor. Students are responsible for scheduling exam appointments and any testing fees associated with off-site exams, fees will be determined by the proctoring center.

Proctoring of Exams

All exams and quizzes requiring a proctor must have a proctor present in the room to monitor students for the entire scheduled testing period. The proctor must assure that all conditions outlined in the Exam Cover Sheet are maintained. Students share equal responsibility with site personnel to assure that FIU exam policies and Academic Honor Code are followed.

The following are the contact names and locations of several pre-approved universities that offer proctoring services in Florida:

Boca Raton

Fort Myers






Other Institutional Testing Centers

Additional testing locations can be found at the National College Testing Association and Florida Shines.