Our multifaceted approach to improving online education includes:

Panther Quality Initiative

The Panther Quality Initiative is our commitment to delivering high-quality online education that satisfies the SUS online course quality mandate. Our goal is to enhance the overall online learning experience for both faculty and students. Through this initiative, we are actively working towards achieving Quality Matters course design for all our online courses by 2025. Faculty members are encouraged to participate, and we offer incentives for those who successfully certify their online courses. By prioritizing quality, we aim to provide students with an engaging and effective learning environment.

Year-long Calendar of Events

Our Year-long Calendar of Events is designed to support faculty in their journey of continuous improvement in online teaching. The calendar includes a diverse range of activities such as small personalized department trainings, hot topic panel discussions, workshops, and one-hour Lunch & Learn sessions. These events offer valuable insights, practical strategies, and networking opportunities. Whether you are a seasoned online instructor or just starting, our calendar provides a comprehensive schedule of events to enhance your skills, share best practices, and stay updated on the latest trends in online education.

iPad Loaner Program

Recognizing the importance of technology in online course development, we have launched the iPad Loaner Program. This initiative aims to provide faculty members with easy access to technology resources that facilitate the creation of engaging online content. Faculty can borrow iPads to explore innovative teaching methods, develop interactive materials, and enhance the overall learning experience for online students. By removing barriers to technology access, we empower faculty to embrace digital tools and create dynamic online courses.

Honorlock Proctoring Services

To ensure the integrity of online assessments, we proudly offer Honorlock Proctoring Services. This resource is available to faculty and students at no cost, providing a secure and convenient online proctoring solution. Faculty members can confidently administer exams and quizzes in the virtual environment, knowing that Honorlock’s advanced technology safeguards the testing process. By covering the cost for online students to use Honorlock, we aim to create a fair and trustworthy online testing environment, maintaining the academic rigor and credibility of our online courses.

Goals & Benefits

What are the goals and benefits of these initiatives?

  1. Improve on and deliver an unparalleled online learning experience for our students
  2. Prepare our faculty to stay at the forefront of innovation as the landscape of education evolves
  3. Recognition and rewards for faculty
  4. Compliance with state mandates